Permanent Make-up with Amanda at GC Skin in Sherman Oaks

I am a certified Permanent Makeup Artist, Nutrition coach, and Personal trainer. My passion for beauty and health stems from recovery from a list of health issues that affected me for most of my life. In 2015 I transitioned to being plant-based. Cutting out animal products and consuming organic Whole Foods. It only took me 3 months to begin to see and feel a change. There was a huge improvement in my digestive issues, reduced inflammation within the body, lost the extra weight I was carrying, and my mood and energy levels skyrocketed! 

In addition to feeling great, my skin was glowing! Permanent makeup allowed me to have that effortless beauty look and often little to no need to wear any makeup at all. Permanent makeup simply elevates your look, saves time in your morning routine, and is a great alternative for anyone who shows sensitivities to regular makeup products.

Note that anytime we make a lifestyle change, it takes patience and commitment. I had moments of struggle but I was determined to change. Now I enjoy supporting others on their own health and beauty journeys. My wish is for everyone to look and feel their best self.

Permanent Make up is one of the services we offer at GC Skin. Make your appointment now!

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